Jekyll Workflow Part 1: Building a Site

jekyll yeoman mr. poole  -  2014-09-12
Jekyll has become one of the best static site generators, rising to popularity in no small part because of its use on GitHub Pages. It is incredibly simple and easy to begin making awesome static sites or blogs, with very little effort. This month I am doing a 4 part series of blog posts on how to create, deploy and automate a site on Jekyll, all while ensuring it is as performant as possible. These tools are all used on my own site and several smaller sites that I have worked on. The code is all available on GitHub.

Why is SXSW so successful?

sxsw  -  2014-03-06
Every year, thousands of people come to Austin, Texas, for the annual SXSW festival. And each year it sets record numbers for participants and partygoers that attend. What drives droves of people from across the globe to the city for SXSW? The event is so large that there is not a single reason behind its success, but many. Here are a few I find compelling.

Mobi Sites Are Over, Stop Trying

rwd mobile-first  -  2014-02-12
I have moments of irrational anger toward articles I find on the internet. Today, I found one such article that was a compare and contrast to the benifits of having a mobile site vs having a responsive site. I will be the first to admit that rebuilding a site's front end to be responsive is not an cheap task. It takes time, money, and a team willing to redesign not just the look at feel, but also document hierarchy. But that difficulty should not be feared, it should be surmounted.

I Am No Designer

jekyll backend  -  2013-05-13
There are many who would count me amongst designers, I am not one of those people. I work with desiners, I can see a good design from a bad one... but I am no designer. This is probably why after years of trying to make a fancy blog, something noteworthy, something catchy to the eye--- I opted instead to bring something simple to the board. Something that would bring what a blog is most needed for, it's content.