Power Theming Drupal

Sass Drupal  -  2013-01-14 -  SandCamp

You want a responsive site. You want a theme that will blow their minds. You want to do it all with the latest and greatest tools available to rapidly devel your site’s front-end theme. You want all of this, but you don't want to grow old ensuring your CSS is correct. You might even hate writing CSS and wish there was an easier way. If this applies to you in any way, then you are ready to use the next generation of tools at your fingertips for your front-end development.

This session will introduce you to the Sass (http://sass-lang.com/) language as well as Compass (http://compass-style.org/) as the basis to rapidly and effectively write your site’s CSS code. We will also discuss several of the most useful Compass extensions to give you the tools needed to create some bomb-ass responsive sites, including Susy (http://susy.oddbird.net/), Breakpoint (https://github.com/canarymason/breakpoint), Respond-to (https://github.com/Snugug/respond-to), and Aurora (https://github.com/Snugug/Aurora).

We will also go over the Drupal base theme Aurora (http://drupal.org/project/aurora) that uses the most up to date HTML5 templates and contains the code needed to create the most modern site available. Aurora was built with the intention for sub themes to be built using Sass, Compass, Breakpoint, Respond-to, etc. In fact, the Compass extension for Aurora will build a boilerplate theme for you to start with. This session will focus on the Corona distribution of Aurora as it contains a Sass partial structure to get you started.

Knowledge of these tools is not mandatory for the session, although a good understanding of CSS will allow you to get the most out of the session. We will go over the tools, many of the features available, and how to use them. You will leave the session with the knowledge of how to use these tools and develop upon Aurora a fast, responsive, mobile-first theme.

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