Never read the comments

harassment community social media -  2015-10-27
I have not been on social media much as of late, this is why.

The Jelly Scale: A Diner Rating System

diner -  2015-07-01
If you have ever traveled with me, you will know there are few things I enjoy more than a good greasy spoon diner for breakfast. I have come up with my own scale for labeling the types of diners I go to.

Jeb! 2016 Performance Audit

performance perf-audit -  2015-06-18
A performance review of, and how the performance of the campaign site can be improved.

How (and why) I created my own CDN

performance cdn -  2015-06-08
My site loads two different pages depending on whether or not there are cookies set that mark the CSS and fonts have been loaded already. There was no CDN that would allow me to do this without immense cost. I did what any sane developer would do, I created my own CDN.