Getting Content to a Phone in less than 1000ms

Performance 1000ms  -  2014-09-30 -  DrupalCon Amsterdam

We must get the content to the user, and we must do it fast. In a world constantly moving, getting a site loaded in under 1000ms is key to keeping users on your site, and engaged with your content. This is not a new idea, and the 1000ms barrier has been written about, presented, talked about in web circles for a while now--- but how do we actually do it?

Working on a Drupal site, how can we decrease bloat on a page, to get our site delivered to the user quickly and efficiently. What steps can we take to decrease that first hit, so a page is available as soon as possible, especially for a mobile user.

This talk will go over the tech, and the basics of the TCP protocol so you understand where the lag is in presenting a web page. It will describe the modules any frontend developer can use to help in presenting their content, and frontend techniques that can be applied by advanced themes to make your site the fastest on the net.

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