HillaryClinton.com Performance Audit

perf-audit performance  -  2015-05-27

There are many ways that every site can improve it's performance. In an ever-growing internet, where the average page size just surpassed 2MB, performance is becoming more and more key to a successful site.

To that goal, I put together a performance audit of Hillary Clinton’s campaign site, and put together a list of suggestions. I chose this site as it is a high-traffic site that will be getting more traffic as the election gets closer— not for any political affiliation or goals.

For the review, I mainly used Chrome Canary, but also utilized Web Page Test and Page Speed Insights. One of the features I finally enabled in Chrome for a better visual view of the page load is the filmstrip view. To enable it yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Go to chrome://flags/ in Google Chrome
  2. Enable "Developer Tools experiments", restart the browser
  3. Go to the settings pane within the Developer Tools (the gear icon)
  4. Click "Experiments" in the left-hand navigation
  5. Press the shift key 6 times
  6. Enable "Filmstrip in Network and Timeline Panel"
  7. Restart the Developer Tools, and then click the camera icon on the top-left.

Check out the whole review up on Google Docs at http://iamc.co/hc-perf, and let me know what you think.

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