Upgrading to HTTP/2

performance http2 server nginx  -  2016-05-02
HTTP/2 has been around, it is time I upgraded my servers to use it.

Never read the comments

harassment community social media  -  2015-10-27
I have not been on social media much as of late, this is why.

The Jelly Scale: A Diner Rating System

diner  -  2015-07-01
If you have ever traveled with me, you will know there are few things I enjoy more than a good greasy spoon diner for breakfast. I have come up with my own scale for labeling the types of diners I go to.

Jeb! 2016 Performance Audit

performance perf-audit  -  2015-06-18
A performance review of jeb2016.com, and how the performance of the campaign site can be improved.